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We are visionaries, achievers, creators.

We are each passionate about the success of our own independent entrepreneurial projects.

And we are passionate about seeing other women succeed.

We believe in dreams, and if you are here reading this, we believe in YOU!

On a Saturday morning in late Fall, 2022, we were at a Brunch for women entrepreneurs. The conversations were impassioned and animated. Connections were being made. Honest, hard questions were being asked. Women were offering feedback and advice and sharing personal stories that impacted the listeners as much as the speakers. It became clear that there was a need to continue those conversations.


The following Tuesday, we held our first gathering.


At that first meeting, we filled papers with a frenzied brainstorm of needs and wants, gifts and talents we could each offer. Brittany, Katadyn, and River compiled that data and created a plan.


The following week we met again and G.R.O.W. was established - roots planted!


The need is so big!

The desire so full! 

The passion so powerful!

We are so excited to G.R.O.W. with YOU!

Here's the thing:

Women face different challenges than men, and our needs are different. There’s nothing wrong with different; it’s simply different. We know what we need and together, we can G.R.O.W.  

As we grow, we continue to learn.

And as we learn, we continue to bring value to our members.

There's no end to our growth! We are blossoming to best meet the needs of our members.  

Are you ready to create something amazing? Want to build an empire?

Come and grow with us!

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Brittany is also the creator of

Mom Gets Moxie

Chief Event Officer

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